8 Nutty Uses for Nut Butter


We know that nuts are a healthy addition to our diets (if you can tolerate them), having low GI and being rich in heart healthy fats, protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. But if you find just snacking on a handful of nuts a bit dull, nut butters are an easy way to incorporate the nutrients of nuts into your diet in new exciting ways. Different nuts and seeds, like all foods, contain different nutrients and types of fats, therefore it pays to experiment with different types of nut butters as well. Although they are high in calories, the fat and protein content actually fills us up quickly, meaning we don’t eat too much of it and the nutrient density makes up for it (OK, so maybe it’s not an excuse to eat it straight from the jar, as hard as this is, but you get the idea).

Whilst a spoonful of peanut butter with jam smeared onto soft bread is an all-time favourite for many, there are other versatile and healthy ways to use peanut and other nut butters as snacks and treats. Being a nut butter die-hard, I share my favourite tips below and hope that you will also get excited about using the wide array of nut butters available these days.

Take note however; make sure you read the ingredient list on the jar before you put it in the trolley! The majority of commercial nut butters such as peanut and almond contain loads of sugar, vegetable oils and other cheap additives to adjust the texture, taste and simply fill the jar with ingredients other than the more expensive healthy nut itself. Therefore opt for one that only contains nuts and subtle flavourings like sea salt. 

So without further ado, here’s the list:

1.       Make nut butter cups.

If you have tried Reece’s Peanut Butter cups, you know it’s hard to beat the taste of these sweet and salty, chocolate coated peanut butter delights. Unfortunately they are loaded with sugar and other additives. Fear not, because you can make your own healthier version using any nut butter you prefer! An easy recipe is the Bounty Box Health Nut Butter Cups using Health Nut Foods Coconut Chia Almond butter, a little coconut cream and a layer of our own raw chocolate. Keep them in the freezer and grab one whenever sugar cravings kick in, when you need a filling snack or just feel like a guilt-free treat. The Bounty Box Essential Bounty box contains the nut butter and other ingredient required to make these.

2.       Add a spoon to your smoothie.

This is a great way to add creaminess and body to your smoothie, especially if you prefer not to add milk or yoghurt. It will add protein and healthy fats to assist with absorption of some fat soluble vitamins from any fruit and veg you might be adding to your smoothie. One of my favourite combinations is leafy greens, apple, cinnamon, water and a spoonful of nut butter.

3.       Drizzle over a smoothie bowl, fruit salad or porridge.

Nut butters make a great “sauce” to finish off smoothie bowls, fruit salads and porridge to make a more hearty breakfast or snack. I love drizzling Health Nut Foods Vanilla Cashew Macadamia (find it in our Superfoodie's Bounty box) over a Lime Matcha Smoothie Bowl. It is also great dolloped with yoghurt over strawberries and other fruit. If your nut butter is a little firm, just pop it in the microwave for a few seconds to make it runny and perfect for drizzling.

4.       Make a toastie.

If you don’t eat cheese, but find it hard to resist the creamy gooeyness of it wedged between two warm and crispy pieces of bread, this one is for you! Add some sliced banana or frozen rasberries and if you are feeling extra adventurous, a spoon of Loving Earth Chocolate Hazelnut Butter (find it in our Chocolate Bounty box). I don’t need to say any more.

5.       Use in baking.

A favourite in paleo cooking, a couple of table spoons of nut butter added to your favourite banana bread of muffin recipe instead of equal amounts of coconut oil or butter will add a fudgy richness and a velvety texture. Try the Bounty Box Choc Hazelnut Biscuits recipe using the Loving Earth Chocolate Hazelnut Butter from the Chocolate Bounty box!

6.       Add to your raw ball mixture.

Instead of adding extra nuts or seeds, a couple of spoons of nut butter will add the body, protein and healthy fats you’re after whilst helping to bind all the dry ingredients.

7.       Dip or spread. 

Try a spread of nut butter on apple, pear or banana or dip some celery sticks into peanut or almond buttter. This is a quick and easy on-the-go-snack to fill you up with fibre, protein and vitamins. Alternatively spread some on your favourite bread and top with chopped fruit.

8.       Rub and roast.

Whilst a little quirky, rubbing some peanut or almond butter on sweet potato, parsnip or broccoli with a sprinkle of salt before roasting them makes for seriously tasty roast veg with a crumbly coating! Peanut butter also makes a great addition to a satay chicken rub combined with coconut oil, tamari, ginger and garlic!

So I hope you enjoyed some of these tips. I would love to hear what you do with your favourite nut butter! Let me know below or tag Bounty Box Superfoods in your Instagram shares of your nutty creations.

Emira x

*This is not a sponsored post.