The Art of Gifting

 Image by Anastasia1977

Image by Anastasia1977


How To Give The Perfect Gift

We have all been there at some stage, either having received a gift that is so special it could bring a tear to our eye or the one that makes you smile politely when you receive it and stash it away never to be seen again.

I love receiving gifts (ok, who doesn’t right?) and giving gifts. I love the process of deciding what the receiver will find most special and going out of my way to find it and present it to them that will make them feel special and thought of. Even the simplest of gifts can truly make a person’s day!

So drawing on some inspirations behind Bounty Box gift hampers, here are my tips for a memorable gift experience, no matter what the occasion is:

It should be thoughtful…

Try and be specific in choosing a gift by showing the receiver that you understand them, listen to them and know exactly the things they value, need or desire. Ask yourself what inspires them, what their life situation is like or what would simply make them smile and respond with an appropriately chosen gift. A gift has so much more meaning when the giver has truly thought about the receiver’s personality rather than giving something ill chosen for the sake of it.  

The opening ceremony…

How a gift is packaged, presented and the senses engaged in the process of opening it all contribute to our perception of the gift’s meaningfulness.  There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple with a pretty gift bag, but for an extra “wow” factor get creative and consider a quality box, wrapping paper, ribbons with beautiful bows, buttons, tapes, twine – the list goes on. Think about textures, colours and the experience of opening it. And once again, consider the receiver’s personality in choosing a packaging style. If you’re not great with wrapping, do some online research on easy tips for gift presentation. Pinterest offers hundreds of inspiring tips for beautiful gift presentation. Alternatively, many stores offer complimentary wrapping which you could take advantage of.

It doesn’t need to be expensive…

It is easy to get caught up in big brand marketing, especially during gift seasons and spend more than one budgeted for. However, a beautifully gift does not need to be expensive. Think creatively and offer something sentimental or hand made by yourself. Perhaps a collection of personal photographs which evoke certain memories, emotions or even homemade baked goods? Showing that you thought about the receiver and devoted your time can be much more significant than the gift itself.

Make it unique…

Find something unique that will surprise the receiver and delight them. After all, this is one of the best parts about receiving a gift, right? When you stumble upon something unique, make a mental note of it and think of the person in your life that would most appreciate it and either obtain it in advance or once the time is right. Avoid getting presents which are predictable (unless the person specifically asked for something of course), generic or a repeat of what you got them previously if you wish to make the gift truly memorable. Refer back to tip #1 for this. 

I hope this has given you some inspiration for the next gift you plan on giving. We'd love to hear any other tips you might have! Leave a comment below or email us!

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At Bounty Box we have done some of this work for you. If you know someone who would love a luxurious healthy gift, get in touch and we will help you choose the perfect hamper to make their day!