"Bareballs" Hot Cross Bun Protein Ball Mix $10

"Bareballs" Hot Cross Bun Protein Ball Mix $10


Why not add an Easter inspired treat to your Bounty Box?

Bareballs Mix Hot Cross Bun flavoured spicy, spongy protein balls taste like the real deal but without the refined sugar, carbs and gluttonous feeling! This pre-blended "instant" mix is fruitless, so all you need to do is add your liquids and favourite dried fruit or cacao nibs for a little crunch (as pictured). Each pack contains Australian almonds, psyllium husk, organic pea and brown rice protein, organic black chia seeds, cinnamon, mixed spice. 

Add to cart and we will nestle it inside your Bounty Box. It works perfectly with our Choc-nut Bounty Box for a special Easter treat!

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