Bliss Bounty $50

Bliss Bounty $50


Vanilla, coconut, chocolate and a rosy kiss, a divine mix of flavours for heavenly bliss! 


  • The Fit Foodie Fit Mix Cookie Dough (Contains Gluten from Oats)
  • The Honest Pantry Peanut Coconut Butter
  • Hunted + Gathered Organic Dark Chocolate 85%
  • The Purist Collection Wake-up Tea
  • The Prospect Project Soy Candle (Assorted scents)
  • Bounty Box Superfoods Recipe Card for your products
  • Affirmation Card to keep in your wallet

Perfect for birthday, thank you, just because, get well and bridesmaids gifts.

See below for more information on the products.

Recommended: Why not add Bareballs Hot Cross Bun Protein Ball Mix to the box for a special Easter treat?

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The Honest Pantry Peanut Coconut Butter contains only peanuts and coconut flesh, blended to lush, creamy perfection. Handmade in Perth in small batches and sugar, salt, preservative and additive free. Use the butter on your toast, in your smoothies or check out 8 Nutty Uses for Nut Butter for more inspo!

The Fit Foodie Fit Mix is an easy way to make nutritious and wholesome protein balls. Add coconut oil and maple syrup or honey and roll into little balls to keep you goin' and goin'! It contains pea protein which has a 98% digestibility rating, keeps you full and lean! 

The Prospect Project is a Perth based business making handmade candles and scrumptious granola, each with a quirky name to make you smile! The candle in this box smells of sweet coconut and orange. Profits made from this candle also go towards charity. 

Hunted and Gathered chocolates are handmade in Melbourne using some of the world’s finest cacao means. Made only from cacao, coconut sugar and cacao butter, they are organic, paleo and vegan friendly and will satisfy the strictest chocaholics when it comes to taste. 

The Purist Collection Wake-up Tea is the ultimate afternoon refresher! It contains Green Tea which gives a caffeinated kick, whilst balancing blood sugar levels and providing oxidants aplenty. Meanwhile, Siberian Gingsen boosts energy levels and supports the adrenal system, allowing the body to adapt to stressors. Rose buds bring a delicious flavour, plus lots of antioxidants and Vitamin C.

Please note: From time to time we run out of a particular product, so we may substitute it for a like product of equal or greater value which may differ slightly in brand or flavour, whilst preserving the theme and intent of each box.

If you would like to substitute a product due to allergies, we are happy to do so if we have a similar product available, just send us an email.