Choc-nut Bounty $65

Choc-nut Bounty $65


For all the "choc-nuts" out there who like to enjoy some guilt-free pleasure! Complete with chocolatey granola, oozey choc-hazelnut butter, chocolate bars, snacks and a chocolate-jaffa scented candle, these refined sugar and dairy free, scrumptious goodies will leave you buzzing with happiness! 


  • G.Luxe Cacao Pops Muesli
  • Loving Earth Chocolate Hazelnut Butter (certified organic)
  • Hunted + Gathered Handmade 85% Dark Chocolate (organic ingredients)
  • The Prospect Project Chocolate Jaffa Scented Soy Candle
  • Loving Earth Mylk Chocolate Bar (certified organic)
  • Manuko Cubes Choc-Hazelnut with Maqui Berry Raw Superfood Bites
  • Bounty Box Superfoods Choc-Hazelnut Biscuit Recipe
  • Inspiration card

Perfect for: Birthdays, well-wishes, get well, just because, love, Easter and everything in between!

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The products in this box are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy free (except for the candle!) and sugar free. They are vegan and paleo friendly.

GLuxe Cacao Pops Muesli contains scrumptious, crunchy, goey and chocolatey clusters of activated buckwheat, amaranth puffs, dates, nuts, raw cacao and coconut. If you can resist eating it straight from the pack, it is perfect for topping on your smoothie bowls. And on its own with your favorite milk it's just like a chocolate milkshake, only....

The Prospect Project is a Perth based business making handmade candles and scrumptious granola, each with a quirky name to make you smile! The candle in this box smells of sweet coconut and orange. Profits made from this candle also go towards charity. 

Hunted and Gathered chocolates are handmade in Melbourne using some of the world’s finest cacao means. Made only from cacao, coconut sugar and cacao butter, they are organic, paleo and vegan friendly and will satisfy the strictest chocaholics when it comes to taste. 

Manuko Cubes Choc Hazelnut with Maqui Berry are raw organic superfood bites  hand crafted below 40ºc using raw organic hazelnuts, cacao and ground vanilla beans to create a truly unique and exquisitely delicious choc hazelnut vanilla bean experience. They contain a generous dose of wild harvested Patagonian maqui berry, a purple superfood considered the highest antioxidant wholefood on the planet.

Loving Earth Chocolate Hazelnut Butter is made by blending raw hazelnuts with crushed Amazonico Criollo Cacao Beans and Evaporated Coconut Nectar. With a delicate, nutty flavour and a creamy texture, this is a unique take on the classic hazelnut spread and we think it's even better! Spread it on your toast, drizzle on your smoothie bowls or get adventerous and turn it into our Choc-Hazelnut Biscuits (recipe included with the box). 

Loving Earth Mylk Chocolate Bar is made with single origin Certified Organic Raw Cacao (55%) from Peru and sweetened with Organic Evaporated Coconut Nectar. We love the smooth, creamy and light texture together with its dark richness! 

Please note: From time to time we run out of a particular product, so we may substitute it for a like product of equal or greater value which may differ slightly in brand or flavour, whilst preserving the theme and intent of each box.

If you would like to substitute a product due to allergies, we are happy to do so if we have a similar product available, just send us an email.