Luxe Bounty $70

Luxe Bounty $70


A luxurious collection of superfoods and botanicals for skin and body, to beautify from the inside out! Containing skin loving vegan friendly milk bath soak, superfood latte blend, hair loving seed mix, lip softening balm, super soft bamboo towel, a little wholesome chocolate treat and natural beauty tips, it's the ultimate pamper treat! 


  • Salt by Hendrix Pomegranate or Rose Coconut Bath Soak
  • Health Food Project Blend No 4. Butterfly Pea Powder
  • Yo' Nuts For the Love of Hair Nut Mix
  • Little Bird Pawpaw Lip Balm Pink Grapefruit flavour
  • Mulberry Threads Bamboo Face Washer
  • Pumpy Jackson "Super Chocolate" with Pink Salt
  • Bounty Box Superfoods "Natural Beauty Tips for a Summer Glow" Info Card (not pictured)
  • Affirmation Card

Perfect for: Birthdays, Love, Bridesmaids, Mums, Thank you, Just Because

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Mulberry Threads bamboo towels are crafted from the finest organic cotton and bamboo fibres. The long loops create an incredibly soft, plush texture, supported by a cotton backing which ensures a strong, durable and highly absorbent towel. They are 60% more absorbent than plain cotton, hypoallergenic, naturally anti-bacterial, 30% less susceptible to odours than cotton, durable, biodegradable, renewable and panda-friendly (the bamboo selected to make our fabrics is not the species consumed by Pandas for food). Designed in Perth - made in Turkey.

Salt by Hendrix Coco Soak is made with organic coconut milk and luxuriously scented with organic promegranate and rose (your choice). Adding a few spoon-fulls to a bath will leave skin soft, supple, regenerated and the mind relaxed and rejuvenated. It also contains dead sea mineral salts and aloe juice powder for additional skin loving properties! Made in Sydney.

Health Food Project  Blue Butterfly Pea Flower is an ancient Thai herbal botanical that has been finely ground into an amazing blue powder. This product is full of potent anthocyanin antioxidants, and it has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties and anti-aging effects. This product flushes out free radicals from the body to help slow down ageing. It helps to promote collagen production, resulting in glowing, youthful skin, luscious hair and strong nails. The powder can be mixed with milk for a subtle, unique latte or mixed into desserts and even turned into blue ice cream.

Yo Nuts For the Love of Hair Healthy hair starts from within and this special blend of nuts and seeds ticks the boxes for fuelling your hair from the inside out.  Since nuts are great sources of protein, good fats, zinc and selenium (and the rest!), they are great to feed strong and glossy locks.  Take this on it’s own or add to smoothies, on top of cereal, to salads, over yoghurt… there are no limits! Made in Melbourne.

Pumpy Jackson Super Chocolate is a creamy chocolate, made from entirely wholesome ingredients including cacao, coconut milk powder, almond milk powder, chicory root, tapioca, chia and Murray River pink salt. It contains only 3.4% sugar, mainly from the almonds. That’s 91% less sugar than equivalent dark chocolates sweetened with sugar cane, agave, maple or coconut nectar. A truly guilt-free, decadent treat for those who love to pamper and indulge!

Little Bird Pawpaw Lip Balm treats and soothes lips, repairs their appearance, moisturises and provides protection from external exposure. This all natural balm contains coconut oil, beeswax, cacao and shea butter and plenty of pawpaw extract.