Sunny Days Bounty $85

Sunny Days Bounty $85


Hello sun, flowers and sea! Spoil someone to a little summer love this season with energising and skin loving treats to leave them feeling fit, glowing and ready for the sunny days ahead! (Limited Edition)


  • KOJA Health Protein Pancakes (Coconut & Maca)
  • My Matcha Fix Matcha Powder
  • Salt by Hendrix Flowers in Your Hair Body and Hair Mist (Rose or Neroli)
  • Pumpy Jackson Super Chocolate
  • Buff and Polish Body Scrub (Lime and Coconut)
  • Sneaky Wholefoods Super Bomb (Orange Cashew)
  • A Bit Hippy Cleansing Bar (Hemp & Green Clay)
  • Soul Organics Body Oil (Lime & Cypress)
  • Extraordinary Foods Sunflowers Salad Sprinkles
  • Bounty Box Superfoods Recipe Card
  • Affirmation Card


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KOJA Health Protein Pancakes (available in Cacao or Coconut & Maca) are made with an Almond Meal & Buckwheat base, with Organic Brown Rice Protein and Organic Black Bean powder. They’re 100% gluten free, with no added sugars or sweeteners, preservatives or artificial additives! The addition of easily digested brown rice protein will keep you fuller for longer!

Salt by Hendrix Flowers in Your Hair is a gorgeous body and hair spray full of moisturising goodness and will be loved by your hair and skin alike. Made with all natural ingredients including aloe leaf juice, rose and neroli oil, this bottle with be a summer staple day or night!

My Matcha Fix matcha green tea is made from Japanese, shade-grown tea leaves, stone-ground into a fine powder, perfect for whisking with hot water to create a bitey, uplifting drink, that’s packed with health benefits. Matcha is proven to increase metabolism and contains 10 times the anti-oxidants of ordinary green tea. It has a unique taste and is perfect whisked into a matcha latte or into desserts!

Soul Organics Relax Body oil is blended with lightweight, non-greasy base oils including almond, jojoba and coconut as well as therapeutic grade lime and cypress essential oils. It’s beautiful floral scent uplifts mood whilst the oils hydrate for a summer glow!

Buff and Polish Body Scrub – time to buff away that dry winter skin! The Himalayan pink salt in this scrub will lightly exfoliate whilst the blend of coconut oil and essential oils hydrates for soft, new glowing skin!

Sneaky Wholefoods Superbombs will nourish through healthy snacking! Packed with nuts, seeds, dates and organic superfoods, each superbomb has a distinct flavour! Made in Perth in small batches.

A bit Hippy Cleansing Bar - Most Cleansing bars are blocks of solid detergent and can dry out and irritate skin. A Bit Bippy use natural oils instead. Hemp Seed Oil is the star of the show here and helps to sooth and hydrated misbehaving skin. They’ve added green clay to draw out impurities and detox skin. Scents of patchouli and rosewood add an extra “hippy” touch!

Extraordinary Foods Pimp My Salad - This sprouted sweet and spicy sunflower seeds are great for adding to any salad, or just as a snack. The seeds are dehydrated at 46°C for 16-24 hours, so all nutrients, vitamins and enzymes are preserved. This is alive food, the seeds are soaked (activated) and sprouted to help digestion and to activate enzymes. 

Pumpy Jackson Super Chocolate – A chocolate bar that’s low sugar, fructose free, wholesome and actually tastes delicious? YES! Made from wholesome ingredients including cacao, almond, chia and tapioca, this luscious chocolate really is super chocolate!