Wholesome Bounty $110

Wholesome Bounty $110


Whether you love a healthy breakfast, relaxing afternoon bite or one to make yourself, it’s all you need for indulgent, wholesome treats any time of the day!


  • Dandi Studio Bamboo Mini Cutlery Set
  • Kookas Natural Orange Hazelnut Biscuits
  • KOJA Breakfast Toppers
  • The Health Food Project Protein Ball Mix
  • Coconut Magic Coconut Oil
  • Love Tea Chamomile & Vanilla Tea 
  • Loving Earth "Very Buckin' Berry" Raw Chocolate Bar
  • Nature's Harvest Turmeric Latte Mix
  • Bounty Box Superfoods Recipe Card

Perfect for: House warming, thank you, wedding/engagement, corporate

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The products in this box are gluten, sugar and dairy free. They are paleo and vegan friendly (but vegans please note, the Kookas Natural Biscuits contain honey)

Coconut Magic Coconut Oil is a perfect match to make your Health Food Project Protein Balls with and tastes of pure coconut with no unpleasant after-taste found in many other brands. It is also lovely used as an all-over moisturiser! Coconut oil contains essential fatty acids found in plant saturated fats and is anti fungal and anti viral in the body. It also helps to curb sugar cravings. 

Kookas Natural Biscuits are a Naturopath formulated, nutritious and guilt-free treat. They are gluten, grain and egg free and are made from wholesome ingredients including hazelnuts, flax seeds, coconut oil, orange zest and low GI coconut sugar. 

Dandi Studio are a boutique homeware studio creating elegant textiles and homewares inspired by nature.  The Bamboo Mini Cutlery Set features a unique design and are sustainable and food safe through the use of bamboo instead of plastic.

KOJA Breakfast Toppers are the ultimate supplement of seeds and nuts to add to your porridge, granola or smoothie bowl. This blend of cashew nuts, diced figs, organic pumpkin seeds, organic hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, organic cacao powder, organic mesquite powder has a proven high content of iron and other essential nutrients to get you through the day.

Nature's Harvest Turmeric Latte mix contains a unique blend of turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, cardamom and chilli to create a delicious and amazingly healthy drink. Turmeric has many proven health benefits, particularly acting as an anti-inflammatory and therefore reducing the risk of many diseases. The addition of extra spices not only balances its flavour, but also contain their own health benefits and assist with nutrient absorption. Add a spoon full to your favourite hot or cold milk and enjoy! 

Health Food Project Protein Ball mix is the perfect chocolate flavoured protein hit for that 3 pm slump! Just mix it up with rice malt or maple syrup and coconut oil, roll, refrigerate and go! No blender required, vegan friendly and rich in essential amino acids. Made with natural almond meal, organic brown rice protein powder (bio fermented and sprouted with natural enzymes), organic cacao powder, organic black chia seeds, organic cacao nibs, mesquite powder and vanilla.

Loving Earth Very Buck 'N Berry Raw Chocolate bar is made from raw cacao, cacao butter, coconut oil, cranberries, hazelnuts and activated buckwheat. Offering a nutritious boost from its raw ingredients, this creamy, wholesome delight for fruit and nut lovers and everyone alike! 

Love Tea Chamomile and Vanilla tea bags are naturopath designed using the highest quality organic herbs. This simple blend of organic vanilla bean and chamomile flowers is perfectly balanced. Chamomile has traditionally been used for a multitude of health benefits, including its ability to support the nervous system and aid healthy digestive function. It also offers anti–inflammatory properties and supports a healthy sleep cycle. A soft, calming blend, offering floral tones, enhanced by the sweetness of vanilla. 

Please note: From time to time we run out of a particular product, so we may substitute it for a like product of equal or greater value which may differ slightly in brand or flavour, whilst preserving the theme and intent of each box.

If you would like to substitute a product due to allergies, we are happy to do so if we have a similar product available, just send us an email.